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Julia Forbes brings to her clients over 15 years of extensive experience in marketing and communications providing a solid foundation in the world of real estate.

Julia offers her seller clients a unique take on traditional real estate practices as a seasoned advertising strategist with a passion for emerging technologies and social media marketing that make your property listings shine.

Local to Ottawa, Julia knows the surrounding communities like the back of her hand providing her buyer clients with valuable neighbourhood and amenities insight, accurate property research, and a network of trusted 3rd party professionals.

Trained in graphic design, photography and videography, Julia has a keen eye for design, placing her in a position to offer staging advice and/or services to her clients.

Julia is dedicated to inspiring and assisting clients in making informed real estate decisions that best serve them, their family and their goals. Her approachable demeanour, local knowledge, determined mindset and marketing savvy make her a valuable asset when considering your next realtor.

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